In the fourth and final financial informer for 2020, we look at The in’s and out’s of Capital Gains Tax when selling property. We also talk about the effect a COVID Vaccine will have on various key sectors.

At your service

The uncertainty and havoc that Covid-19 has unleashed globally and the result-ant effect it has had on all of our finances requires a careful look at how we deal with our money. The crisis has divided the global population into two groups. Either you have benefitted, because you had the good fortune to be invested in tech and online shopping, or your finances took a beating with poor investment performance, unemployment or you own a restaurant/guesthouse. Either way, you will need my advice and support. Like you, I do not have a crystal ball, but what I lack in financial fortune-telling I more than makeup for in experience and focus. During this time you will need support, guidance, and expertise. I am at your service


At your Service

Home sweet home

Selling a home can be a challenging experience: preparing for show days, dealing with estate agents, considering offers to purchase, trying to make sense of legal contracts. And after the home is sold there remains one possible further task: working out whether the taxman will take a slice of the profit…

Ready, steady, go

How and when to position for a post-vaccine world is the question at the top of many investors’ minds right now. Erin Riley, a Goldman Sachs financial adviser, said the announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine will spark a rotation into seven specific sectors


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