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The Associated Broker Mobile App has customised assistance and emergency services with content which explains the benefit entitlement.

An S0S or panic button which sends a distress signal to the emergency call centre to call you back.

The Associated Broker Mobile App has the ability to lodge a claim notification of incident for motor, home and personal to expedite a claim with step -by-step assistance on the app. This notification includes the ability to scan the barcode on the third party’s’ vehicle license disk as well as driver’s license card. The data within the barcode is seamlessly decrypted and pre-populated with in the app to simplify the process.  You will also be prompted to take the required photographic evidence at the scene and these photographs will be date and time stamped so as to keep a proper audit trail and enable to expedite the processing of the claim.

Additional cover can be re quested via the Associated Broker Mobile App

Vehicle and Motor bike Pre-inspection – the beneficiary will be able to take photographs of the front. side and back of the vehicle/motor-bike, scan the vehicle/motor-bike license disk to capture the details of the vehicle/motor-bike (e.g. make, model and derivative as well as scanning the drivers’ license card to decrypt the drivers’ details.

Home Pre-inspection – the beneficiary will be able to take photographs of the household items. and capture item values

The functionality to refer friends and new leads.

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