For richer or poorer

A wedding is romance, but a marriage requires some forethought. We all need
to consider several aspects of combability when it comes to evaluating a
potential life partner in terms of personality, intelligence, values and more.
A crucial piece that often gets overlooked is a partner’s financial stability and
spending mindset.

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The gender (financial) gap

It is often argued that money is gender neutral and speaking specifically to women
is patronizing. It is correct that the type of investment products and the basic
principles of money are gender neutral however what is not gender neutral is the
fact that women continue to earn about 30% less than men and remain the main
caregiver in the family. Some might say that women face poverty in retirement,
because they are penalized for unpaid work and for living longer. To be fair, the
living longer bit cannot be blamed on men.

Death’s duty – The role of the Executor

When a person dies, the property of the deceased does not immediately accrue
to the deceased’s heirs, but passes instead to a person who is tasked with administering
the deceased estate until it is passed to the heirs. The person appointed
to perform the task of such administration is termed the “executor” of
the estate. This article examines the executor’s duties and explains how the estate
is wound up.



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