Associated Broker is Striving to be as Paperless as We Possibly Can in Our Industry!

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Please note that we use a third party paperless system for signing legally binding documents. Once you have clicked on the respective link below, please follow the email address verification instructions.
  • General Loss Forms should be used for all general/ All risk items. (Mobile Phones, laptops, jewellery, Etc.).
  • Property Loss/ Damage Claim should be used for damage or loss of your owned properties. (Buildings, Business offices, and investment Properties).
  • Motor Accident Forms should be used when claiming for a motor vehicle collision.
  • Motor Theft Claim Forms should be used when claiming for the theft of a motor vehicle.

Associated Broker


Associated Broker General Claim Form
Associated Broker General Glass Claim Form


Renasa Claim forms

Renasa Property Loss Claim Form
Renasa Motor Accident Claim Form
Renasa Motor Theft/Hijack Claim Form
Rensa Non-Motor Property Loss Claim form



CIA Claim Form
CIA Geyser Claim Form


Hollard Contractors Claim Form
Hollard Glass/Windscreen Claim Form
Hollard Motor Accident Claim Form
Hollard Motor Theft CLaim form


MUA Claim forms

MUA Property Loss Claim Form
MUA Motor Accident Claim Form
MUA Windscreen Claim From
MUA Watercraft Claim Form


Echelon Claim form

Echelon Property Loss Claim Form
Echelon Motor Accident Claim Form
Echelon Motor Theft Claim Form
Echelon Motor Glass Claim Form


HIC Property Loss/Damage Claim Form
HIC Motor Accident Claim Form
HIC Motor Theft Claim From
HIC Windscreen Claim Form


cyclesure claim form

Cyclesure Claim Form


Vantage Claim forms

Vantage Property Loss Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Property Loss/ Damage Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Public Liability Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Motor Accident Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Motor Theft Claim Form
Mutual & Federal Glass/ Windscreen Claim Form